Risk Inspection Services (Loss Control Surveys)

Survey Form Report Format

Our survey reports are keyed into a specialized Microsoft Word Document and all diagrams, photos and information is saved in a PDF format.

All files are electronically transmitted via email to the customer. This saves time and money from the standard handwritten and mailed report, and can be opened via Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Short Form Reports

Small Size Risks

The Small Business Group of reports was designed for the small risk needing limited information. The SHORT FORM REPORT gives the underwriter a neatly handwritten report with a typed heading and full comments, including a brief description of the building, operations, and occupancy. This report also includes a simple diagram and photos when requested.

The Small Business Group of reports is limited to risks that do not exceed 3000 square feet in size. The short form report has a fixed price. The flat rate on this report gives the underwriter an inexpensive means to identify and address the hazards or conditions with minimal effort.

Specified Reports

Small to Medium Size Risks

This group of reports is designed to provide the underwriter with a shorter version of the full survey. This report contains information to cover a SPECIFIC type of risk not to exceed 5000 square feet in size.

This package will include:

  1. Specified Report (Multiperil or Property)
  2. Outlined Narrative & Recommendations
  3. Simple Diagram, Siteplan, and/or Floorplan
  4. Photographs (if requested)

This report is designed to provide PRICE PROTECTION for the underwriter on this range of coverage.

Full Survey Reports

Medium to Large Size Risks

Commercial risks present the Underwriter with the task of determining the loss potential of the covered risk. Additionally they must consider ways to guide the insured to enact or improve on safety programs to reduce the possibility of loss.

Our commercial program includes a variety of forms to gather information on the risk from structure to housekeeping. Also included is a narrative report covering the following:

  1. Special Attention Items
  2. General Items Associated with Risk-Type
  3. Description of Operations / Processes / Occupancies
  4. Losses / Exposures / Hazards / Controls

Customer Supplied Forms

Clients may supply forms or formats on specially designed programs for our field staff to complete.

This may include Loss Control Forms with specific instructions and sample formats or standard surveys and reports. The Customer Supplied Forms rate is priced similar to the full survey.

Additional Diagrams, Supplements, and Photos complete the package, providing a full range of data for underwriting the risk.