Employment Opportunities

Requirements to Apply

At RTS we are always lookings for qualified applicants in North and South Carolina as well as Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee, especially along its borders.

Accounting or insurance background, fieldwork experience, self-management, and computer proficiency skills helpful.

If you feel you have an adequate background, have your own computer, and are not a licensed commercial insurance agent, follow the directions to apply for a position:

Details of Position

Field auditors and inspectors will mostly travel within a 60-mile radius of their home.

They work out of their home, on their own computers, and send in electronic reports via email and paper records via standard mail.

Auditors work on a fee basis per billed hour. When auditors are required to go outside their area of coverage, such as for special projects, they are given a flat motel fee and are supplied a gas surcharge.

Experienced field auditors will begin at a higher fee rate than those with less experience.

Areas Needed

We are hiring experienced Auditors and Inspectors as well as new field trainees.
Areas Needed:*
  • GA (No Positions)
  • NC (Taking Applications in Limited Areas)
  • SC (Taking Applications Now)
  • TN (Taking Applications in Limited Areas)
  • VA (Taking Applications Now)
  • WV (No Positions)

    * Subject to change

How to Apply

Directions for Applying for a Field Auditor/Inspector Postion:
  1. Fill out the contact form on the right.
  2. Email us your resume along with any additional contact information.
  3. employment@rtsltd.net
  4. View Inquiry Package & Forms.
  5. Inquiry Package & Forms
  6. Fill out the forms and mail, scan/email, or fax them to us.
  7. You will be contacted and supplied instructions and a User Name and Password to complete a Test Audit and/or Test Inspection.
  8. Test Audit Test Inspection
  9. Complete the test and mail, scan/email, or fax them to us.
  10. After reviewing your test, you will be contacted with a decision or follow-up.

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