Member Project Audit Services (Trusts, Risk Pools, and SIF's)

We Give You Options

Research Technical Services, Ltd. provides a Full Service Premium Auditing Solution for your organization.
  1. Custom Audit Reports ⁄ Formats
  2. Upfront Cost Analysis
  3. Color or B/W Scanning of All Records
  4. PDF Reports - Bookmarked into Sections
  5. Reports by Email ⁄ FTP ⁄ HTTPS Transfer
  6. Weekly Status Reports
  7. Preset Due Dates


What Do Our Customers Have To Say?

‘‘RTS has provided Payroll Audit Services to our members since the inception of our program in July 2003.   We have grown tremendously over the years and RTS has provided excellent service and direction to our members.   The auditors are very patient and understanding with our needs and the members appreciate their help.   Their quality and service is outstanding!’’

Carol Jordan, CPIW, ACSR, VACORP

Full Service

Your Members are important to YOU - That makes them important to US too.

Auditors are trained to be Friendly, Helpful, and Sensitive to Member's Needs and Busy Schedules.

Types of Customers We Serve

R T S serves Annual Premium Auditing needs of a variety of Risk Pools, Self-Insured Funds, and Group Insurance Plans Including:
  1. City Governments
  2. County Governments
  3. School Boards
  4. Volunteer Fire, Deputy, 1st Responders
  5. Home Builder Contractors
  6. Specialty Contractors

Our Commitment

Our Management and Marketing Staff are committed to developing a program to meet your Underwriting needs and provide Member assistance that includes training, personal service and attention. All in an effort to reduce the stress and discomfort of the annual audit.


General Audit Services (Commercial Insurance Premium Audits)


Research Technical Services, Ltd. provides an alternative to the expensive and sometimes less than receptive auditing services available.

Audit Managers deserve a service that can respond quickly and provide current status on all assigned audits.


R T S uses experienced auditors for the Audit Service Unit.

Auditors are centrally located within each state. Being familiar with a territory, auditors are more efficient, require less travel and from area experience, usually detect classification errors more quickly.


R T S Auditors provide a high quality product in a timely and proficient manner.

As an extension of the COMPANY we serve, a professional business impression is what we choose to leave with the POLICY HOLDER. Discretion and Innovation are the key factors separating our service from others.


R T S auditors keep customers advised on the status of audits with PROGRESS REPORTS.

Any problems or delays affecting the completion of the audit in 30 DAYS are reported. TIME SERVICE standards have been established to insure audits are successfully completed within 45 DAY LIMITS. We strive to complete audits in the 21 to 30 day range to give the customer more time for processing.


INSURANCE COMPANIES have a wide variety of audit needs, from Workers Compensation and General Liability to Automotive and Garage Liability.
R T S has many handling procedures available.
  1. Professional Notification
  2. Detailed Progress Reports
  3. Time Service Standards
  4. Rush Handlings
  5. Audit Review Systems (Q.A.)
  6. Manual & Computerized Reports
  7. Competitive Rates
  8. Experienced Staff



Upon receipt, a DUE DATE is assigned to each request. A computerized audit report is prepared weekly for each auditor. Response is required by weekend.